Deposit Strategies that can actively manage spot LP’ing using a multisig.

Idea: To simplify the experience of managing and depositing staking on spot, and to encourage composability with other DeFi building blocks.`

Problem statement: Managing liquidity in spot can be active for users looking to maximize returns, and also complex for users who don’t necessarily know how to exactly manage risk.

Solution: Vaults that can manage this process on the users behalf. This can be as simple as being a mere wrapper to Abacus spot and allowing funds to be deposited here, or as complex as a sophisticated strategy that leverages off-chain analytics to determine NFT mispricing.

The v0 will merely be a with a multisig wallet controlled vault:

Vault 1 will be oriented toward more manual control, and will be deployed by the selected partners via a multisig and eventually smart contracts. The vault won’t be focused on a single collection and has a fixed duration of 6 weeks upon which all user funds are returned.